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with love from my car in Yellowstone in the middle of the night

I write this post in my sleeping bag in my 02 Jetta in Yellowstone national park at 4:16 AM. How did I come to be spending the night in my car in Yellowstone? Good question. Grab the cup of coffee … Continue reading

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10 Ways to Live Like You’re Traveling

When I’m exploring the world and writing about it, I am my best self. Nothing brings out the personality traits, qualities, ideas and behavior I’m most proud of like the travel mindset. When I take on the role of the … Continue reading

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A Summer Sunday in Yellowstone

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Vignettes from the Reverse Culture Shock Files

The differences between Greece and America hit spontaneously, and hit hard. There was more international food in the Philadelphia airport than in all of Thessaloniki, Greece’s second-largest city and home to about a million. Greeks don’t really do anything but … Continue reading

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Power-Tripping TSA Hulk Lady vs. Jet-lagged Culture-Shocked Ginger, and Other Tales from my 50+ Hour Transit Nightmare Home from Greece

I don’t know what time it is anywhere. I don’t even know what day it is. I’m in the Philadelphia airport after over 50 hours in transit (with more to come), and if any of you have a travel story … Continue reading

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My First Lesson in Reverse Culture Shock, Served Up By the Athens Airport

I’m about to board my flight from Athens to Philadelphia on my way home. I have much to say about what has happened in the meantime, but I just received my first lesson in reverse culture shock, and I’m curious … Continue reading

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End-of-Year Shenanigans and the Best Night Ever

Last weekend, the American Farm School (where I live and teach) held a graduation ceremony for both its secondary school students and its college students. As I taught at the secondary school and have many friends at the college, this … Continue reading

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