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Power-Tripping TSA Hulk Lady vs. Jet-lagged Culture-Shocked Ginger, and Other Tales from my 50+ Hour Transit Nightmare Home from Greece

I don’t know what time it is anywhere. I don’t even know what day it is. I’m in the Philadelphia airport after over 50 hours in transit (with more to come), and if any of you have a travel story … Continue reading

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Greek Eats: “Artichokes and Rice,” from Mani

While happily wandering along one of Areopolis’s stone walkways in Mani, I caught a whiff of something delicious. This happens often in Greece, to my sheer delight, and always has the effect of stopping me dead in my tracks and … Continue reading

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Mani: Discovering Tradition in the Furthest Corner of the Greek Mainland

Located at the southern tip of the Peloponnese, the region known as Mani is a must-see when traveling in Greece. Rugged, barren, and wild, it’s an area which boasts both incredible country and a remarkably well-preserved, traditional way of life. … Continue reading

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Finding Konstantinos: a Peterson Family Pilgrimage

Internet, meet my parents. My parents are awesome. My mom: Was at the original Woodstock. Swore when I was born that she would always let me wear whatever I wanted to wear. Can burp the alphabet. Speaks Russian and French. … Continue reading

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And That’s How I Injured the Only Other Knee I Have

I debated for a long time about whether or not I should write a blog post depicting this incident. First of all, it makes me look like an absolute moron. Perhaps worse, it also makes me look like an alcoholic. … Continue reading

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Dinner with The Legend

One morning on my trip through the Peloponnese, I stumbled down the street in search of coffee. A few days before, I had passed a nice coffee shop at the edge of town; so, I decided to head over and … Continue reading

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Lovely, Lively Nafplio!

My Lonely Planet guidebook had it right in saying, “For better or worse, the secret is out about Nafplio, one of Greece’s prettiest and most romantic towns.” Though increasing in popularity at an alarming rate, it’s easy to see why; … Continue reading

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