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Christos Anesti!

In case you hadn’t heard, Greek Easter is a BIG DEAL. It’s easily the most important holiday in the Greek Orthodox calendar, and is certainly more important than Christmas. Everyone has been telling me ever since I arrived that I … Continue reading

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A Great Day to Be a Carnivore

If you’re extremely squeamish and/or extremely vegetarian, this might be a good time to hit the “back” button on your browser. Stay tuned for more on the Greek Orthodox church traditions that accompany Easter, as well as some more photos … Continue reading

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The time I stayed with a Greek family for the first time and almost accidentally mooned them while saying goodbye.

This weekend, I went on my first homestay in Greece. Two other Americans and I stayed with the family of a pair of sisters from the American Farm School in Orfani, a small village near Kavala. While I have been … Continue reading

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“I hope your sheep is doing well,” and other things I’ve accidentally said in Greek.

Since one of the classes I’m helping with is doing a unit on postcards, I was asked to write a short postcard to my parents with the verbs missing, so the students could fill them in using the correct tense. … Continue reading

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