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Greek Eats: Spanakopitakia, with Enough Vowels and Spinachy Goodness to Rock Your Kάλτσες off!

I know what you’re thinking. Guh! That’s alotta vowels! Amazing, huh? I even got the guh! Turns out officially becoming a grad student–I’m all registered for classes and I even bought school supplies, which manifests itself in a few blissful … Continue reading

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Greek Eats: Kiria Soula’s Chickpea Fritters

Meet Kiria Soula. At the American Farm School, where I live and teach, Soula reigns as supreme matriarch. She is your go-to gal for all medical needs and culinary questions. As the school nurse, she knows everything you could possibly … Continue reading

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The Eleven Commandments of Traveling in Greece

While waiting for a 4:30 AM ferry in Irakleio, Crete, I found myself in the company of some of those American tourists. You surely know what I’m talking about; neon U of Whatever t-shirts, flip flops, loud embarrassing conversations, the … Continue reading

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Finding Konstantinos: a Peterson Family Pilgrimage

Internet, meet my parents. My parents are awesome. My mom: Was at the original Woodstock. Swore when I was born that she would always let me wear whatever I wanted to wear. Can burp the alphabet. Speaks Russian and French. … Continue reading

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Riding in Pickup Trucks With Greek Boys, and Other Adventures From My Trip to Pilio

A few weeks ago, with just a small backpack each, my traveling buddy Carrie and I left for a much-awaited trip to the Pelion Peninsula. Otherwise known as Pilio, this peninsula is near Volos, one of the larger cities in … Continue reading

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Adventures in Lesvos: the Perfectionisticus Totallus, Out of Her Natural Habitat

The most amazing thing happened when I got to Lesvos. …Everything went wrong! Aside from the place I had picked to stay at, nothing went according to plan. The bus schedule gave me only two choices of towns to visit, … Continue reading

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10 Lesser-Known Greek Delights You Can Make at Home

We’ve all heard of moussaka, souvlaki and baklava. But since arriving in Greece, I’ve discovered so many other Greek treats that remain out of the spotlight. Many of them are quite simple to make at home! So, if you’re jonesin’ … Continue reading

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