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The Seedy Underbelly of Wrap Me in Phyllo Dough

I really should be diving into an annotated bibliography of Hamlet, but something which merits immediate discussion has just come to my attention. WordPress users have access to a fairly comprehensive “Stats” page for their blog. When I log in, … Continue reading

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My Top 10 Strangest Experiences on Public Buses in Greece

No matter what country you’re in, trips on public buses have tremendous entertainment potential. There’s something about a mass of total strangers crammed into a large metal box that seems to be a recipe for eccentricity. Here in Greece, I … Continue reading

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A Post About Corfu, Brought to You By the Letter C!

Well hey there blog readers! The last stop on my Easter break trip was a maaaagical place called Corfu. Corfu starts with the letter C. What words can you think of that start with C? How about charming? That’s a … Continue reading

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