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Coffee Culture Shock: Adventures in Over-Caffeination

Not so long ago, I could have Greek coffee whenever I fancied a cup. There was frappe, that sweet, Nescafe-based mistress. Whipped into foam and combined with milk and sugar, she packed a punch. Nescafe doesn’t mess around–at least not … Continue reading

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How Greece Changed the Way I Think About Food

Now that I’ve been home for a month, I’ve had ample time to reflect on the things I miss most about Greece. It seems like every day I think of something new that I miss–but one of the greatest joys … Continue reading

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Vignettes from the Reverse Culture Shock Files

The differences between Greece and America hit spontaneously, and hit hard. There was more international food in the Philadelphia airport than in all of Thessaloniki, Greece’s second-largest city and home to about a million. Greeks don’t really do anything but … Continue reading

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End-of-Year Shenanigans and the Best Night Ever

Last weekend, the American Farm School (where I live and teach) held a graduation ceremony for both its secondary school students and its college students. As I taught at the secondary school and have many friends at the college, this … Continue reading

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The Eleven Commandments of Traveling in Greece

While waiting for a 4:30 AM ferry in Irakleio, Crete, I found myself in the company of some of those American tourists. You surely know what I’m talking about; neon U of Whatever t-shirts, flip flops, loud embarrassing conversations, the … Continue reading

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Beach Days, Dolphin Sightings, Crashing Greek Weddings and Other Job Perks

No corner office with a view, no contribution to a distant retirement fund, no free health club pass. But, well, I guess there are some fringe benefits to being a teacher in Greece. Meet my student Antony! He is from … Continue reading

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Greek Eats: “Artichokes and Rice,” from Mani

While happily wandering along one of Areopolis’s stone walkways in Mani, I caught a whiff of something delicious. This happens often in Greece, to my sheer delight, and always has the effect of stopping me dead in my tracks and … Continue reading

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