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10 Ways to Live Like You’re Traveling

When I’m exploring the world and writing about it, I am my best self. Nothing brings out the personality traits, qualities, ideas and behavior I’m most proud of like the travel mindset. When I take on the role of the … Continue reading

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Coffee Culture Shock: Adventures in Over-Caffeination

Not so long ago, I could have Greek coffee whenever I fancied a cup. There was frappe, that sweet, Nescafe-based mistress. Whipped into foam and combined with milk and sugar, she packed a punch. Nescafe doesn’t mess around–at least not … Continue reading

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Our Golden Girl

At 11:20 yesterday morning, I was sitting with our dog, Abbie, knowing that the vet was going to come to our house at 4:30 that afternoon to put her to sleep after weeks of struggling with lymphoma. My mom and … Continue reading

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Bears and Bears and Bears, Oh My

When I was about seven, my family moved from Washington, DC to Bozeman, Montana. That’s quite the change for a ripe young mind. And when you throw into the mix that my best friend at the time–who was pretty much … Continue reading

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Greek Eats: “Favaaaaaa!!”

That’s in quotation marks because it’s what I uncontrollably say out loud every time I see this dish. For a small welcome-home shindig my parents and I hosted this week, we made up a menu of classic American grill food … Continue reading

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Home, Toe-Broken, 4th-of-July-ified and Finally, FINALLY Reunited with Peanut Butter

After 15 agonizing hours of trying not to fall asleep in the Philadelphia airport, I boarded my two flights for home and arrived in Bozeman at about midnight on the 30th, which pushed the grand total into an excruciating 72 … Continue reading

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End-of-Year Shenanigans and the Best Night Ever

Last weekend, the American Farm School (where I live and teach) held a graduation ceremony for both its secondary school students and its college students. As I taught at the secondary school and have many friends at the college, this … Continue reading

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