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The Only Dance I Have Ever Liked and the Crazy Greeks Who Taught Me How to Do It

My first exposure to Lindy Hop was through The Autobiography of Malcolm X, which I read for a course in college in America. My second exposure to Lindy Hop came from some seriously hip young Greeks in downtown Thessaloniki. Yes, … Continue reading

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And That’s How I Injured the Only Other Knee I Have

I debated for a long time about whether or not I should write a blog post depicting this incident. First of all, it makes me look like an absolute moron. Perhaps worse, it also makes me look like an alcoholic. … Continue reading

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My Top 10 Strangest Experiences on Public Buses in Greece

No matter what country you’re in, trips on public buses have tremendous entertainment potential. There’s something about a mass of total strangers crammed into a large metal box that seems to be a recipe for eccentricity. Here in Greece, I … Continue reading

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My Week Without Running: A Tragicomedy in Six Acts

Prologue It was on a cloudy, gloomy afternoon that I injured my knee after doing a routine 50-minute run, about three weeks before my first half marathon. I ran a sluggish 5o minutes, complete with a sore throat, a slow … Continue reading

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The Run from Hell

I arrived in Lesvos on Friday evening, and immediately began scouting for places to run. I had a 9-miler to do on Sunday as part of my half-marathon training, and as I’ve never been to Lesvos before, I was worried … Continue reading

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“Woe to him who has slaked his thirst!”: Nikos Kazantzakis and the Greek Spirit

“Grandfather,” he said, seizing the old man’s hands, “I hear that you have lived like a great oak tree. You have breathed storms, suffered, triumphed, struggled, labored for a hundred years. How has life seemed to you during those hundred … Continue reading

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Fulbright Greece across the generations

Yesterday at dinner on campus, I was introduced to a young American man. When he heard my name, he said, “Oh! Are you the Fulbrighter on campus?” It turns out he was a Fulbrighter last year, while getting his Master’s … Continue reading

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