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10 Ways to Live Like You’re Traveling

When I’m exploring the world and writing about it, I am my best self. Nothing brings out the personality traits, qualities, ideas and behavior I’m most proud of like the travel mindset. When I take on the role of the … Continue reading

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Coffee Culture Shock: Adventures in Over-Caffeination

Not so long ago, I could have Greek coffee whenever I fancied a cup. There was frappe, that sweet, Nescafe-based mistress. Whipped into foam and combined with milk and sugar, she packed a punch. Nescafe doesn’t mess around–at least not … Continue reading

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Vignettes from the Reverse Culture Shock Files

The differences between Greece and America hit spontaneously, and hit hard. There was more international food in the Philadelphia airport than in all of Thessaloniki, Greece’s second-largest city and home to about a million. Greeks don’t really do anything but … Continue reading

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My First Lesson in Reverse Culture Shock, Served Up By the Athens Airport

I’m about to board my flight from Athens to Philadelphia on my way home. I have much to say about what has happened in the meantime, but I just received my first lesson in reverse culture shock, and I’m curious … Continue reading

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Intercultural Bewilderment: My Turkish Bath Adventure

As the child of Hippie parents and a graduate of college near Portland, Oregon, one thing is certain: I’m no prude. I don’t pay much attention to movie ratings. I’m not offended by nudity in the slightest. I didn’t even … Continue reading

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The Eleven Commandments of Traveling in Greece

While waiting for a 4:30 AM ferry in Irakleio, Crete, I found myself in the company of some of those American tourists. You surely know what I’m talking about; neon U of Whatever t-shirts, flip flops, loud embarrassing conversations, the … Continue reading

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My Top 10 Strangest Experiences on Public Buses in Greece

No matter what country you’re in, trips on public buses have tremendous entertainment potential. There’s something about a mass of total strangers crammed into a large metal box that seems to be a recipe for eccentricity. Here in Greece, I … Continue reading

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