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Coffee Culture Shock: Adventures in Over-Caffeination

Not so long ago, I could have Greek coffee whenever I fancied a cup. There was frappe, that sweet, Nescafe-based mistress. Whipped into foam and combined with milk and sugar, she packed a punch. Nescafe doesn’t mess around–at least not … Continue reading

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Greek Eats: Kiria Soula’s Chickpea Fritters

Meet Kiria Soula. At the American Farm School, where I live and teach, Soula reigns as supreme matriarch. She is your go-to gal for all medical needs and culinary questions. As the school nurse, she knows everything you could possibly … Continue reading

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Hot, Bittersweet and Jam-Packed with Dissertations

That’s how I would describe my days of late. “Hot” because the Greek sun does not mess around. Holy guacamole! It’s only early June, and I am already wilting in the heat; Gingerus Maximus doesn’t do well in this climate, … Continue reading

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Blogging to you live, from RICEing Central!

Today marked my second visit to a Greek hospital (the first being for my shoulder fiasco in mid-October). Because that spot on my knee is still painful to the touch, I decided to get it checked out by a professional; … Continue reading

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Trouble in Paradise

There’s nothing like being sick to bring on a bout of homesickness. Well, being sick, dealing with a knee injury when you’re three weeks out from your first half-marathon, and having to listen to the Albanian boys next door blast … Continue reading

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Good food, good folks, and SNOW! Three of my favorite things!

The day after my last post about how it was finally starting to get cold, I did not want to get up. I had slept especially hard that night, and woke up unsure of who or where I was, with … Continue reading

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“It’s just a goat head”: Changing concepts of normalcy at the three-month mark

Well, folks, it’s been three months since I arrived in Greece. It’s hard to believe that my time here is almost a third over. So much has happened and changed. While talking with a friend the other day about my … Continue reading

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