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with love from my car in Yellowstone in the middle of the night

I write this post in my sleeping bag in my 02 Jetta in Yellowstone national park at 4:16 AM. How did I come to be spending the night in my car in Yellowstone? Good question. Grab the cup of coffee … Continue reading

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Our Golden Girl

At 11:20 yesterday morning, I was sitting with our dog, Abbie, knowing that the vet was going to come to our house at 4:30 that afternoon to put her to sleep after weeks of struggling with lymphoma. My mom and … Continue reading

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Bears and Bears and Bears, Oh My

When I was about seven, my family moved from Washington, DC to Bozeman, Montana. That’s quite the change for a ripe young mind. And when you throw into the mix that my best friend at the time–who was pretty much … Continue reading

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Big Scary Life Changes: the Official Soundtrack

Last night, I found myself having a beer with a buddy and brooding over our mutual current state of Big Scary Life Changes. Having just moved away from Greece and sort of readjusted to being back in Montana, I’m now … Continue reading

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Power-Tripping TSA Hulk Lady vs. Jet-lagged Culture-Shocked Ginger, and Other Tales from my 50+ Hour Transit Nightmare Home from Greece

I don’t know what time it is anywhere. I don’t even know what day it is. I’m in the Philadelphia airport after over 50 hours in transit (with more to come), and if any of you have a travel story … Continue reading

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Hot, Bittersweet and Jam-Packed with Dissertations

That’s how I would describe my days of late. “Hot” because the Greek sun does not mess around. Holy guacamole! It’s only early June, and I am already wilting in the heat; Gingerus Maximus doesn’t do well in this climate, … Continue reading

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My First Half Marathon: It was the most amazingly, life-changingly euphoric of times, it was the most bleepity bleeping BLEEEEEP of times.

In writing about my first half marathon, I could play the standard “what a life-changing experience,” “I’m so proud I finished” and “I learned so much” cards. That’s all true. But what I want to do here instead is provide … Continue reading

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