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Coffee Culture Shock: Adventures in Over-Caffeination

Not so long ago, I could have Greek coffee whenever I fancied a cup. There was frappe, that sweet, Nescafe-based mistress. Whipped into foam and combined with milk and sugar, she packed a punch. Nescafe doesn’t mess around–at least not … Continue reading

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Power-Tripping TSA Hulk Lady vs. Jet-lagged Culture-Shocked Ginger, and Other Tales from my 50+ Hour Transit Nightmare Home from Greece

I don’t know what time it is anywhere. I don’t even know what day it is. I’m in the Philadelphia airport after over 50 hours in transit (with more to come), and if any of you have a travel story … Continue reading

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My Week Without Running: A Tragicomedy in Six Acts

Prologue It was on a cloudy, gloomy afternoon that I injured my knee after doing a routine 50-minute run, about three weeks before my first half marathon. I ran a sluggish 5o minutes, complete with a sore throat, a slow … Continue reading

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Trouble in Paradise

There’s nothing like being sick to bring on a bout of homesickness. Well, being sick, dealing with a knee injury when you’re three weeks out from your first half-marathon, and having to listen to the Albanian boys next door blast … Continue reading

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Adventures in Lesvos: the Perfectionisticus Totallus, Out of Her Natural Habitat

The most amazing thing happened when I got to Lesvos. …Everything went wrong! Aside from the place I had picked to stay at, nothing went according to plan. The bus schedule gave me only two choices of towns to visit, … Continue reading

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The Run from Hell

I arrived in Lesvos on Friday evening, and immediately began scouting for places to run. I had a 9-miler to do on Sunday as part of my half-marathon training, and as I’ve never been to Lesvos before, I was worried … Continue reading

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Classroom War Stories: Challenges and Successes

Three weeks ago, I began a series of classes on American-style research papers for one of my classes–a class mainly comprised of students who plan to attend university in the United States. We devoted whole classes on the basics: what … Continue reading

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