Ways to Get From Here to There Without Making Lattes for the Rest of Your Life

Traveling is an expensive addiction. Here are some potential ways to make it work without piggy-banking it.

  • Obviously, I’m a fan of Fulbright! Find them here if you’re a US student. If you hail from elsewhere, go for it! I may not be the best resource for you, but Fulbright is quite active on the internet and there is a wealth of information out there.
  • JET is a great program for those interested in going to Japan. If you’re interested in reading more, check out my friends There and Back Again and Outdoor Explorer, both US students doing JET this year.
  • One of the schools I teach at, the American Farm School, hires two-three American interns each year to help out at the school. The program involves 10 months in Thessaloniki helping the students with a wide variety of activities: everything from homework to tie-dyeing t-shirts! Check out the school here and ask me for contact info if you’re interested. I highly recommend the program, as this school is a fantastic institution and the support provided to interns is excellent!
  • Gapwork.com is an awesome resource for anyone looking to go abroad during a gap year. They have comprehensive lists of jobs abroad and countless tips for travelers.
  • BUNAC is a program with several good reviews for US and UK young adults who want to spend a gap year abroad. You certainly don’t need an organization like this to work abroad for a year, but they help you get your ducks in order for official stuff like visas and so on.
  • 15 Ways to Travel for Free (Or at Least Cheap) from Verge Magazine
  • Matador Network’s site for Travel and Adventure Jobs

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