Resources for Travel Fanatics

Whether you’re already abroad or dreaming of your next big trip, here are some great sites for intrepid travelers such as yerself.

  • Wikitravel rocks. It’s a great open forum for travelers to discuss options, tips, reviews, etc.
  • Glimpse is an excellent study abroad magazine! It offers a wealth of great stories, insider tips, and really fascinating insight from youth all over the world.
  • This “Travel Toolbox” offers a hodgepodge of all kinds of travel links, from airfare finders to general tips and advice.
  • For Americans or those wanting to go to the US, the State Department’s travel site has all the official information you will need. Above all, I highly recommend registering as an American abroad with the State department when you go! Among other important benefits, you’ll receive security updates by e-mail.
  • This printable Traveler’s Checklist from Eagle Creek is very thorough and a total must if you’re as absent-minded as I am!
  • Matador Network offers some reminders for how to travel cheaply here.

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