Fun Stuff for Travelers! Wheee!

These are the kinds of things I look at when I’m Stateside, broke, and dreaming of my next overseas adventure!

  • One of my former study abroad classmates has launched a project he calls Trekdek. Trekdek playing cards pose a series of short, fun challenges to travelers–tasks to complete while traveling that will enrich your travel experience.
  • My very favorite: the Titanic Awards. It’s like the Darwin Awards but for traveling. These people find the worst/most hilarious travel nightmares ever, conduct polls on which airline has the most hideous stewardess uniforms, and publish pictures of the grossest airline food of all time. It’s a riot!
  • Triphap has more funny travel stories.
  • For those times when you have no choice but to take a fourteen-hour bus ride across X desert but are lucky enough to have your music player of choice with you, take a gander at my travel playlist. I try to keep it updated with interesting songs that encourage introspection, enthusiasm and adventurousness!
  • is an online foodie community which offers “expert tips about restaurants, foods, stores, and bars, as well as cooking, wine, beer, cookware, and more.”
  • Yes, it’s finally here–The Bathroom Diaries lets you rate public bathrooms all over the world!

2 Responses to Fun Stuff for Travelers! Wheee!

  1. Sneaka says:

    Keep the postings coming!

  2. thechengying says:

    you’ve got such a lovely blog and i really enjoy reading your experiences 🙂 will be looking out for more posts from you!!

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