Glimpses of Greece

My favorite photographs I’ve taken in Greece thus far.

An old Greek typewriter for sale at an antiques store.

Awesome light at the Temple of Afaia on the island of Aegina.

Wading into a big group of pigeons = best little kid power trip EVER. Taken in Thessaloniki.

Fishermen near downtown Thessaloniki.

A little glimpse of antiquity right in the middle of Thessaloniki.

A runner nearing the stadium at the Athens marathon 2,500 anniversary race.

At a church in Delfi.

Fog over Meteora

On a monks' path, Meteora

Rebetiko in Athens

Tombstones in Ali Pasha's mausoleum, Ioannina.

A fellow passenger aboard the ferry in Ioannina.

Lindos, Rhodes, in the fall.

Early morning, Santorini. The overexposure seems a fitting illustration of the pre-coffee state of mind.

A small church overlooking the caldera in Oia, Santorini.

Waves crashing in front of the lighthouse, Chania, Crete.

The party my friend and I accidentally crashed in the lobby of our hotel in Portaria, Pilio. Yes, they were actually shouting "Opa!"

Wandering along Makrinitsa's cobblestone walkways, on the Pelion Peninsula.

"The girls." These three ladies were my company for a cup of coffee on a cold day in Agiasos, Lesvos. It was a challenge to get through an hour of speaking Greek, but with the aid of gestures, we got by, and it quickly became one of my favorite unexpected adventures I've had in Greece.

Guess what, papou? Your shoes are famous on the internets! (Taken in Agiasos, Lesvos.)

This little dude was bleating to beat the band the whole time I was in the neighborhood! Taken in Agiasos, Lesvos.

In Greece, there is always at least one cat watching you. Taken in Xanthi.

The sunset on our last night in Corfu.

Areopolis, Mani

Syntagma metro station, Athens

The small island castle of Bourtzi in Nafplio, illuminated by what I like to call "Jesus rays."


3 Responses to Glimpses of Greece

  1. karolis7 says:

    Creative photography
    PS how much was the type writer? It looks real good btw :))

  2. RDoug says:

    Beautiful shots of Greece. I posted some of my Santorini pictures this past Monday.

    Oh, and thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment.

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