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Greek Eats: “Favaaaaaa!!”

That’s in quotation marks because it’s what I uncontrollably say out loud every time I see this dish. For a small welcome-home shindig my parents and I hosted this week, we made up a menu of classic American grill food … Continue reading

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Home, Toe-Broken, 4th-of-July-ified and Finally, FINALLY Reunited with Peanut Butter

After 15 agonizing hours of trying not to fall asleep in the Philadelphia airport, I boarded my two flights for home and arrived in Bozeman at about midnight on the 30th, which pushed the grand total into an excruciating 72 … Continue reading

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Finding Konstantinos: a Peterson Family Pilgrimage

Internet, meet my parents. My parents are awesome. My mom: Was at the original Woodstock. Swore when I was born that she would always let me wear whatever I wanted to wear. Can burp the alphabet. Speaks Russian and French. … Continue reading

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