A Summer Sunday in Yellowstone

Within ten minutes of crossing the border into the park, we came across this little guy! Pretty sure he's a black bear, despite the cinnamon coloring.

With the high heat, we saw lots of elk wading in rivers to cool off. Sounds pretty good to me too!

Driving South towards Old Faithful.

The Firehole River.

It's nice to see so many happy-looking, green trees in the Park. Much of the devastation from the 1988 fire is still visible.

I think I've taken this same picture every time I've been to the Paint Pots. There's just something so beautiful and haunting about those dead trees.

The Mudpots!

Fountain Geyser

One of my favorite photos of the day. Taken at the Paint Pots.

More dead trees at the Paint Pots. You'd think this would deter kids from touching the water to see how hot it is. We saw three or four do so in just one day. As Jon Stewart said recently: Good thinkin', Harry Potter. Ten points for Gryffindor.

Picnic with my parents near Old Faithful. What a lovely day.

Old Faithful, just beginning to erupt.

Wall Pool, Biscuit Basin

Sapphire Pool, Biscuit Basin

A full shot of Sapphire. That color (also visible in Morning Glory Pool and Silex Spring, among others) never ceases to amaze me.

I like to think that when the fire came, they reached out for each other.

Mystic Falls

A close-up of the falls

The Little Firehole River

The stones really are yellow! And the snozzberries taste like snozzberries!

Mammoth Hot Springs

Another favorite photograph from the day. Taken at Mammoth Hot Springs.

Runoff from Palette Spring, Mammoth Hot Springs.

Palette Springs formation

Minerva Terrace

Mammoth Hot Springs smells like rotten eggs, but sure looks pretty.

Just a regular day in Mammoth.


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3 Responses to A Summer Sunday in Yellowstone

  1. Those are just beautiful. That last shot is priceless.

  2. Great pictures that reminded me of my visit there in 1995. I remember those Elk just roaming about amongst the visitors and the cars – Thanks!

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