An Afternoon in Athens

Recently, I found myself waiting for some friends in Monastiraki Square. Mostly out of boredom at first, I decided to take some pictures. I walked around for only about ten minutes, just taking shots here and there without too much forethought. The idea was to simply capture slices of life in Athens. I then continued the experiment while waiting to take the metro to the airport.

The resulting pictures show just what you might expect: locals, tourists, antiquity, modernity and the everyday economics of life in the city.

Ciao for niao,



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4 Responses to An Afternoon in Athens

  1. Great post thanks for sharing. I love to travel very often.

  2. So funny, I bought a few things from that Pericles shop! Love the photos, makes me miss Greece so much. Isn’t is amazing how clean they keep the subways? You’d never see that in New York!

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