A Post About Corfu, Brought to You By the Letter C!

Well hey there blog readers! The last stop on my Easter break trip was a maaaagical place called Corfu. Corfu starts with the letter C. What words can you think of that start with C?

How about charming? That’s a good word to describe this island. Can you spell it on your own now? Super! Charming means that Corfu was a very nice, beautiful place. It comes from the word charm. Yes, Timmy, just like the cereal with the scary little man! You know lots of words already! Corfu is a very beautiful, lush, green island. Here are some pictures of Corfu.

The Old Fortress in Corfu Town.

Pelekas Beach; the view from our hostel's porch!

The sunset our last night in Corfu.

A view of the water from Corfu Town.

The Kaiser's Throne lookout point near Pelekas.

Another good word to describe my time in Corfu is the word clammy. Clammy means cold and wet, kids. It’s how I’d describe the dank hellhole of a hostel room we stayed in. Have you ever slept in a bed that was moist every time you got in it? Another c-word we can use here is contamination. That happens when you get a disease from touching something, which is why I didn’t touch the little yellow rubber band someone with braces left in the shower soap dish.

Cricket also starts with the same letter as Corfu. The letter C! Cricket isn’t just a bug that makes a funny noise: it’s also game played by British people. How do you play? Why, by hitting a ball and running back and forth between two sticks in the ground. Delightful! There’s a whole field in the middle of Corfu Town where people play this game.

Apparently this park near the center of Corfu Town is used solely for cricket. Who knew?

The next c-word is a big one, so get ready. It’s companionship. What’s that, Susie? Yes, I guess you could say it is a ship. It’s a ship that’s sailing for Friend Town! …No, no, kids, I just threw up in my mouth a little, but I’ll be fine. We found some new companions in our hostel, and spent a whole day exploring Corfu Town with them. One couple I had actually met on the ferry from Irakleio to Santorini, and unexpectedly ran into them again in our hostel! I’m telling you, kids, it’s amazing what travel bonding can take place when you wait for a ferry at 4:30 AM together, and then find yourselves staying in the same germ-infested squalor. Ah! Memories!

Carrie and I with our new friends, from Seattle, Portland and Georgia, at the Old Fortress in Corfu Town!

Exploring the Old Fortress.

The obligatory Carrie-and-Kate pic, customary on all Carrie-Kate adventures.

Sampling some kumquat liquer, a specialty of Corfu.

And that’s the story of how I went to Corfu, enjoyed the scenery, made some new friends, and narrowly avoided contracting hepatitis. Maybe next time, I’ll C you in Corfu! Har har har.

Ciao for niao,



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