A Great Day to Be a Carnivore

If you’re extremely squeamish and/or extremely vegetarian, this might be a good time to hit the “back” button on your browser.

Here they are fixing the lamb to the spit. They tie it on, beginning at the feet, and use metal bolts to secure it as well.

The lamb goes onto the grill.

Within three minutes, it was already starting to brown!

Adjusting the coals underneath the lamb so it doesn't brown too much in one place.

After about forty minutes of roasting time.

Almost ready!

Our Easter spread: lamb, hortapita, potatoes, salads and pasta!

This one photo pretty much sums up the whole day.

Stay tuned for more on the Greek Orthodox church traditions that accompany Easter, as well as some more photos from Evia, where I spent my holiday.




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2 Responses to A Great Day to Be a Carnivore

  1. Paul C says:

    Greeks definitely know how to eat, but especially at Easter!

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