Prague in Pictures

If you’re feeling classy, I highly recommend listening to this while looking at these pictures: it’s about the Moldau river, which runs right through the city!

This is the astronomical clock in the Old Town Square. On the hour, the skeleton (representing Death) rings a bell and turns his hour glass upside down. Equal parts creepy and cool.

My new favorite family portrait! It was taken in the elevator going up to the top of the clock tower.

The Old Town Square, taken from the top of the clock tower.

The famous Charles Bridge!

The Prague castle! The race course ran along the river, past the castle and several other sights.

Almost every building in this section of Prague features ornate details like this.

Finally reunited with my love!!

Family beer time! Pilsner Urquell at a Czech restaurant near the Old Town Square.

Delicious and enormous (which is, coincidentally, an excellent combination) apple strudel for breakfast!

The hundreds of padlocks in this photograph have a lovely story behind them: traditionally, when you find your "true love," you come to this wall, write both your names on the padlock, lock it to the others, and throw the key in the river!

Prague's "John Lennon Wall" is one of my favorite sites in Europe. As a symbol of peace and love, John Lennon became an important figure for young Czechs while their country was going through such rough times. When he died, someone came to this wall and painted a picture of him. Since then, anyone who comes by can stop and write or paint on the wall, and it's now filled with messages of hope and peace.

"We want a new Woodstock"

"We are the world"

Possibly my favorite picture from the whole trip.

Another favorite.

My lovely parents, in a garden we visited near the castle.

A view of part of the garden.

The race course also ran right down the street pictured here!


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