Holy guacamole… I’m running a half marathon tomorrow!!

Hi from fab-tastic PRAGUE! My parents and I are having such an awesome time exploring this amazing city–it’s truly a singular place. From the beer to the John Lennon Wall, we’ve been loving it all!

I just wanted to pop in and say hello–it’s been a while! I have been traveling, busy as a bee, beaver and your other alliterative animals of choice, and sick with illnesses of my usual degree of obscurity since my last post. I say this because I haven’t ever broken a bone, gotten stitches, had the chicken pox, or any of those other normal things: but I have fallen ten feet off a zipline onto a stump and thwacked my spleen (technical term, of course), gotten a third-degree burn on the roof of my mouth, had two run-ins with contact dermititis at the gym (one of which made my left eyelid puff up to the size of a tangerine), and all manner of other bizarre ailments. This time, it was a 24-hour fever three days before the race (and throughout my flights… bluh!), AND my current debacle–my parents and I are theorizing that the antibiotics I’m on have wreaked havoc on the good bacteria in my stomach, so I’m having trouble digesting just about anything.

Naturally, this is a great problem to have right before running a half marathon.

But… whatever!! I have been through the wringer with this race and I am ready to just forget about it and have fun! It’s tomorrow, and even with all that’s working against me, I just don’t care anymore. I’m ready to just have fun running with 9,500 other people who love to do the same!

Stay tuned for two big posts: one from my best trip in Greece yet (which was SO epic that I’m still working on the post, a week later!) and one from after the race! Wish me luck!!




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travel addict. greece-obsessed. grad student. bottomless pit.
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2 Responses to Holy guacamole… I’m running a half marathon tomorrow!!

  1. AJ says:

    Good luck. Hope you feel better. Don’t worry about it, just have fun!!! Will be thinking of you!

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