Blogging to you live, from RICEing Central!

Today marked my second visit to a Greek hospital (the first being for my shoulder fiasco in mid-October). Because that spot on my knee is still painful to the touch, I decided to get it checked out by a professional; and since the orthopedics section of the place I went for my shoulder was so helpful last time, and everyone I talked to there spoke English, I went back to the same place I visited before. But this time, my friend Carrie came with me, which made everything a million times better!

The doctor did a thorough examination and an x-ray. The examination was almost funny, actually. He was pulling and twisting my knee (gently, of course) in so many different directions, I felt almost like a pinball machine or some other game, and that if he pulled it in the right direction at the right time, some sort of prize would pop out of my mouth. Luckily, not one direction produced any sort of pain–it’s only painful to the touch on that one specific spot. The x-rays were normal, too. So, as I knew would be the case, the doctor’s orders were a few more days’ rest, some anti-inflammatory medication, and icing.

(No, not the fun kind of icing. This kind involves precariously balancing a frozen towel in a bag on the side of my knee for 15 minutes each hour, and sadly has nothing to do with cake.)

(Though I may have to do something about that.)

So, what’s the problem? Right now, the consensus seems to be knee bursitis, but we can’t be 100% sure without an MRI. Other theories have been suggested, but again, nothing is certain.

For now, I’m not running until Friday. If I’m pain-free on Friday, the next challenge will be readjusting my training schedule, as the race is only two and a half weeks away. If I’m not… well, let’s not talk about that yet.

And until Friday? My dorm room has become RICEing central! RICE is the ultimate runner-injury acronym: Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation. The compression comes from an ace bandage, and for the elevation, I’m balancing the knee on a couple pillows so it’s above my heart. It looks like this.

Resting, icing, compressing and elevating my knee. Also, you can see my laundry drying rack in the background, which I was using as an elevating system until a friend loaned me a second pillow. Are you imagining just how awkward it was to elevate my knee on the drying rack? Good. It was.

So, I won’t know anything further until Friday. In the meantime, I am trying to stay as positive as I possibly can! I was a total wreck for a couple days when it first happened, as the idea of not running this race after working so hard yet again is just heartbreaking. But positive energy is key. And at this point, I’ve gotten running advice from so many people: a couple people at AFS, my extended family, my friends, our family friends, friends of friends, and even an ex-boyfriend I hadn’t really talked to since high school! Thanks to everyone, especially my parents and Bennett, for your advice and support. I love you all and hopefully in two and a half weeks we’ll have something to celebrate, when I cross that finish line!




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