Trouble in Paradise

There’s nothing like being sick to bring on a bout of homesickness.

Well, being sick, dealing with a knee injury when you’re three weeks out from your first half-marathon, and having to listen to the Albanian boys next door blast The Bloodhound Gang on repeat for hours.

(Yesterday, about four hours after my run, I noticed a weird bulge on my left knee. The spot is on the outside of the knee–if you bend your knee, there’s that other bony ridge you can feel under and to the outside of the knee cap, and the spot is just behind that. It was quite swollen, warm, squishy and painful to the touch. Today, it’s less swollen, but it’s now black & blue. Any insight would be much appreciated.)

This is the first bout of homesickness I’ve had to deal with in months–and it, too, shall pass. March is the thick of it; by the time April rolls around, I’ll be traveling so much it’ll pass in a heartbeat, and I actually get done with teaching in mid-May (though I’ll still be working at the college here at AFS in the evenings).

Goals for the time being: Relax. Know that these things come in waves. Hope that the injury is minor, and try to navigate running with it with as much grace and patience as possible. And, above all, stay present. Even just one day spent waiting for it to be over will be a day I wish I still had when I am back in the States.




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3 Responses to Trouble in Paradise

  1. khelm0216 says:

    Hi, Kate. Your swollen knee must be discouraging. For the time being, keep an eye on it, and try not to run on it until you’ve seen a doctor about it. Perhaps it will simply disappear soon and you’ll be golden once again. Take care of yourself! I hope you feel better soon.

  2. David Glidden says:

    Even in Thessaly there are good physicians. Wouldn’t it be an interesting part of your adventure in Greece to visit one to ask about your knee? Find out what the injury is before running on it farther.

    The Voice of Experience!

  3. David Glidden says:

    As part of your adventure in Greece why not see a physician about your knee? It is a better strategy than Internet Diagnostics. The main thing is NEVER run with pain!

    — the Voice of Experience

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