Rock on, Dionysus.

This Saturday, I had the good fortune to be offered a chance to go wine tasting in Drama! Drama is a town in Northern Greece, about two hours’ bus ride from my home in Thessaloniki. The students of the Wine-making and Wine Tasting classes offered through the continuing education program at the American Farm School were to visit two wineries in the area, and our wonderful AFS Head Librarian, Damiana, told us about the trip. She also acted as translator, which was immensely helpful for my first tour of the production side of a winery!

Massive metal containers in which they let the grapes ferment, some with the skins on and some with the skins removed.

Just one part of the machine that fills the bottles, cuts the corks, puts the corks in, labels the bottles and spits out a finished wine bottle at the end!

Barrels upon barrels of wine!

Part of the vineyard at the first winery we visited.

And then… there was the tasting! We had such a lovely day; my whole Saturday was spent blissfully enjoying Greek wines, classy wine-tasting snacks, laughs with my friends, and post-wine naps on the bus.

The first wine we tasted, which was my very favorite of all. It's a white from the Biblia Chora winery.

Discussing very serious and important matters, I assure you.

A rose from the second winery we visited, Τεχνη Οινου.

Damiana, Micah and Carrie!

I’m a beer girl at heart, so I was surprised when I found myself really getting into the wine tasting. I normally either like wines or dislike them, without much nuance in between; I really don’t know enough about wine to enjoy the nuance. But this time, I was able to taste undertones in the wines, like peach and caramel. I even ended up buying a bottle of the Biblia Chora white I liked so much!

And speaking of beer, I’ve finally found a Greek one I really like! We discovered a place downtown called The Beer Store (hilarious… I hope you all now believe me when I say that this country doesn’t really do beer, as the place that sells it is actually called The Beer Store!) that sells all manner of delicious beers, a few of which are from Greece itself. I’m systematically trying each of them, and for the meantime, I am really digging the Honey Golden Ale from Septem brewery. That’s the good news. The bad news is I found Blue Moon at The Beer Store, and excitedly took it down the hall to share with my Balkan friends to whom I’ve been raving about Northwest-American beers for months. They all hated it. Ah, well.

One way to say "Cheers!" in Greek is "Ya mas!" ("To our health!")




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