Good food, good folks, and SNOW! Three of my favorite things!

The day after my last post about how it was finally starting to get cold, I did not want to get up. I had slept especially hard that night, and woke up unsure of who or where I was, with pillow lines on my face and crusty stuff in the corners of my eyes (What is that stuff anyway? Does anyone know?). My alarm went off and I made a noise I’m not sure I could replicate again–some inhuman wail from the depths of my sleep-deprived soul, which my Albanian neighbors probably assumed came from the farm if they heard it.

Finally, I forced myself to sit up.

And the second noise I’m sure my neighbors heard–a real, honest-to-goodness giggle at the SNOW outside my door!!

I couldn’t believe my eyes. It was snowing, and in the morning light it was simply beautiful. There was less than an inch on the ground, but it was still snowing!

I leaped out of bed, got dressed and headed to Morning Assembly, where the kids were all in an uproar about the snow. Several came up to me, knowing I’m from Montana and would be ecstatic about the snow, and excitedly chattered away about it! Public schools all over Thessaloniki were closed, but since we’re a boarding school, AFS went ahead and had class anyway. After assembly, I went downstairs, where my supervisor promptly told me that in the one class I had that day, the kids would be taking a test and there was no use in me coming at all.

And that’s how I got the day off on the one snow day I’m likely to see in Thessaloniki this year.

I went back to my dorm to find Ashley, my friend from Florida who’s never even seen real snow before, let alone played in it! We went outside and promptly made two little snowmen with what little snow there was (and used rosemary for their arms so they’d be semi-Greek!).

Our snowselves!

Unfortunately, the snow didn’t last long, and we had to watch ourselves melt over the next twelve hours. But it was still a little taste of home, and getting to feel like a Montana kid again for a little while was priceless.

Now, the snow is long gone, but it continues to feel Christmas-y; decorations, cold weather, good food and good company abound! Last night, we were invited to Thanos’s house for dinner; he offered to let us use his kitchen in exchange for cooking for him and his family. It was the first time I had cooked anything in more than 3 months, and though it was a little hectic with that many people cooking in the kitchen, just being in a kitchen again filled me with sheer joy! (Oh, and the food was AWESOME.)

Why I Love Carrie Rosenblum, Exhibit A.

Kathy, the Chinese teacher on campus, showing Carrie and I how to make Chinese dumplings!

Carrie and I collaborated on pasta with roasted vegetables! It turned out simply delicious.

Nazli from Turkey made Turkish pasta called Manti. It was served with yogurt on top and a sauce of oregano, red pepper and black pepper. Yum!

This wasn't even the full table! There was Thai curry, rice, Chinese dumplings, sweet potato casserole, Manti, a Chinese potato dish and the pasta Carrie and I made. And then, we chowed.

It was a lovely evening, made even better by the “singing and dancing show” we were happy to be forced to watch, put on by the lovely Katerina and Arrietta, somewhere between the ages of 5 and 7 (I think).

And now, I’m doing a few last things and takin’ off! Budapest or BUST. And then Bozeman or BUST. I’m a little worried about the Budapest legs, as the Budapest airport was actually closed due to bad weather a couple days ago. Fingers and toes crossed! If all goes according to plan, I will home at 11 PM Bozeman time on Tuesday night.

I can’t believe I’m going home. I just can’t believe it! It seems so surreal. Suffice to say I can’t wait to see those of you I will get to see, and those I won’t will be in my thoughts. I hope any of you who are traveling for the holidays have a safe trip, and I’ll see you stateside soon!




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