Meet my Little Fat Friend.

Everyone, meet my Little Fat Friend! LFF is a farm school dog who lives on campus in a basket on one of the house porches. She is, as our name for her implies, little, and fat, and quite friendly.

Every time I pass this house, which is usually twice a day or more because it’s on my way to and from the buildings I teach in, I check to see if LFF is in her basket. Sometimes on sunny days, she’s out snuffling around for beetles or sunning her tummy by the pomegranate trees. But most of the time, she’s there in her little basket, and you can see the outline of her ears as you pass by.

Little Fat Friend sitting in her basket, watching Ashley and I approach.

If I see her in her basket, I stop at the gate of the house and call out, “Ohhhh, Little Fat Frieeeend!” She perks her head up. I clap for her to come. Then, the show begins! She runs for all she is worth down the path to the gate, claws clicking on the cobblestones, tongue out, ears flapping, pudge waggling, legs splaying out in all directions as she careens down the path!

The traditional pre-petting mad scramble to the gate!

Then, she stops short right at your feet and collapses on top of her paws, the way cats do. This marks the official commencement of Part I of the standard Little Fat Friend petting procedure. You scratch her behind the ears, and on her back, and she looks up at you with the same relatively blank look of dazed contentment.

Little Fat Friend enjoying Part I of the petting ceremony.

Then, when you wish to move on to Part II, all you have to do is stand up and start walking away. You only have to take about one step before you look back and see the formal initiation of Part II of the petting ceremony: Little Fat Friend rolled over on her back, paws stuck straight out, beady eyes wide with excitement at the pending tummy rub.

Wait for it... wait for it... aaaand here we go Part II.

After Part II has been completed, AKA when you really really have to go teach now, you essentially have to just tear yourself away. But when you go, take care to not look back. If you do, you’ll just feel guilty and end up going back for Part III, when the process starts all over again!

Look how cute and fat and sad I am. You wouldn't leave this, would you?

Little Fat Friend makes my day every time I see her! Sometimes, Ashley and I will even purposefully go the long way home just to walk past the house with the basket after dinner. Wouldn’t you?

Ashley with Little Fat Friend!



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4 Responses to Meet my Little Fat Friend.

  1. David Glidden says:

    We all miss you this Thanksgiving and wish we were with you in Greece. The backlava was a great gift, but Boulder is not the same without you. How cold does it get in Thessalonika? It will be five degrees Fahrenheit tonight!

    • k8peterson says:

      Thus far it hasn’t been too cold here. There was one week of solid, miserable rain, but since then it really hasn’t been too bad. I’ve been told, however, that this winter will be one of the coldest Thessaloniki has seen in a recent years. But I’ll believe it when I see it! I’m just hoping for one snow day!! Hope you guys enjoyed the baklava; I miss you all and wish I could be there to celebrate with you!

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  3. mjonath says:

    Easily one of the top three greatest things about AFS. She is hilarious and quite adorable.

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