A hodgepodge of recent events.

I have so many ideas for post themes, but it occurred to me recently that I really haven’t updated much on things that have happened recently around here. So, here’s a good, old-fashioned update post.

Update #1: My first race!

I ran a 4K race in downtown Thessaloniki, and it was my first race ever! I know; those of you who know me well know that I’ve been running for a long time, but I just never got around to trying a race. I trained for a half-marathon in college, but overtrained and got tendonitis. And I hadn’t pursued the idea since then. But there was a free 4K race put on by the city of Thessaloniki, and I ran it with Carrie (one of the interns) and Thanos (the head of student life at AFS). It was a beautifully crisp, sunny fall day, and the course took us down a main road by the sea and finished right on the boardwalk!

The starting line for the 4K, taken during the 20K race.

Me, Thanos and Carrie at the finish line!

Update #2: Life in the new dorms.

I now have hot water, consistent electricity, internet, heat and several other awesome quality-of-life boosters; so I’m now settling into my new home quite nicely!


Update #3: My first (and hopefully only) trip to a Greek hospital.

One morning, I woke up with an incredibly stiff and painful shoulder. It slowly got better through that morning, but the same thing happened about three days later. And two or three days after that, I woke up at 5 AM with horrible shoulder pain. For the next four nights, I woke up every hour because of the pain, and had to stretch it for about twenty minutes before I could sleep again.

This was a problem.

So I got some advice about where I could get it checked out. Unfortunately, the only public hospital with orthopedic doctors on call that day was waaaaay far away, and since I had to go by myself this was less than ideal. So I was advised to go to a private hospital nearby, with the predictions that it would be expensive but the doctors would speak English. After spending half an hour pep-talking myself to make the trip solo, I arrived to find a very nice facility and friendly people who all spoke great English. An examination and a few x-rays later, I was diagnosed with tendonitis in my left shoulder and prescribed painkillers. I took them for the first time last night and it helped tremendously. I still woke up several times out of a need to adjust my sleeping position, but I didn’t have to stretch it each time, which meant I could fall back asleep almost immediately!

Oh, and did I mentioned that I had a ghastly cold throughout all of this? I had a fever yesterday, but feel much, much better today. Phew.

Update #4: My Dad’s visit!!

My Dad was able to swing by Thessaloniki on his way home from a business trip in Turkey, and it was so nice to have a little taste of home for a few days! I showed him all around the city and the Farm School, and we had a great time catching up and (being Petersons) eating really fantastic food!

Dad and I visited the Cinema Museum in Thessaloniki. It was extremely well done and very informative. There's a famous international film festival in Thessaloniki every November, so the city is famous for film.

Dad enjoying his first frappe!

Father-daughter beer time!

We went to a really lovely seaside restaurant for some truly excellent seafood on Dad's last night here!

That’s all for now! I’m off to Thess for a lecture given by a Columbia professor on multilingual literature and translation; I’m especially curious as a student currently doing research reliant on translated editions. Love to all!

Ciao for niao,



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4 Responses to A hodgepodge of recent events.

  1. khelm0216 says:

    What was in your dinner? What was in the museum?

    Going to the hospital alone would be frightening. Luckily, they all spoke English. I feel kind of dependent on my supervisor right now. He has to pave the way for me most of the time. Glad you are feeling more chipper. Hope your arm heals soon!

    • k8peterson says:

      At the restaurant pictured here, we had fried zucchini (a very popular meze, or small plate dish) and tarama salata (a paste made of fish roe; salty & delicious on bread or anything else!) for starters, and then split an utterly amazing seafood fettuccine dish with clams, mussels and scallops. And, of course, we washed it all down with Retsina. Mmm, resin!!

      As for the museum, it provided a path through Greek film history, starting with the first few films and ending with recent trends. I really enjoyed the clips of Greek films playing throughout because the style of acting is, for the most part, very very theatrical and melodramatic. This makes it really fun to watch!

      And the solo hospital trip was one of those excellent lessons in doing things alone while studying abroad, where you figure out that you actually can manage by yourself and survive just about anything. Since then I’ve fixed a few momentary flashes of self-doubt with the thought, “If I went to the hospital by myself a few days ago I can definitely do this!”

      Have you been sick at all while in Japan so far? It’s the only time when, without fail, I am absolutely, totally and completely homesick. I definitely get “peoplesick,” where I miss my family and friends–but as far as being homesick goes, I only have moments where I miss my mountains or my favorite pizza joint or something. But when I’m sick I just want my mom and the Food Network and a big bowl of pasta!!

  2. Seriously that was your first race? I did know that you were running in college and thought you had done some sort of race before. Well congratulations! You planning on running anything else while you are there?

    Yay for basic amenities like internet :p I know how important that was to help me get settled in. Sorry about your shoulder 😦 Is there anything you can do to make it better other than the pain killers? Or will it just sort of go away eventually or something?

    Also, it’s so nice that your dad was able to visit you already! I don’t know if my family will make it out here until I’m starting my second year here. Though I’m thinking I might try to go home at some point for a little while. Mostly because I want to go skiing XD

    I can definitely understand your take on homesickness. I have little bouts of it where I miss certain things and people, but fortunately haven’t been sick or anything yet to make me really just want my mom there. And the mountains are pretty enough here, though not as tall as back home. I’m more worried about dealing with rainy seasons because that’s when I get really grumpy if I’m not staying active enough and having enough fun.

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