When it rains, it pours; and when it pours and you’re an hour’s bus ride from home, it blows.

Since my last euphoric post, I seem to have wandered into some sort of karma vacuum.

Right when I got back from Athens, I found out I had to move into the brand new dormitory that very evening. This would be excellent if it had hot water, electricity not from a generator, curtains on my ground-floor glass door with construction workers constantly passing by, laundry machines, or internet. These things are all forthcoming, but in the meantime, it’s kind of like camping in a very nice building!

And since then, I’ve managed to misplace quite a large sum of cash, get yelled at by one of my supervisors, ruin my favorite skirt (the Greek for “With bleach!” is “Με τη χλωρίνη!,” in case you’re interested), get caught in a torrential downpour an hour’s bus ride from home, and, most recently, use sticky tack to hang my photos that peeled the paint off the walls of my brand-spankin’-new dorm room.


Well. Sometimes, that’s the way the baklava crumbles. What do you do when you’re halfway across the world and everything goes wrong? You survive. You adapt. You learn that you can get through anything. And you learn to look at the bright side:

+ My dad is stopping by on his way home from Istanbul in just two weeks!
+ I got invited to go skiing with one of the students and his family in December!
+ Tomorrow night I get to cook for the first time since getting here. The interns & I are planning an American food night for Friday!

And in the meantime, there’s retsina. Cheers! Here’s to a better next week.

Ciao for niao,



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2 Responses to When it rains, it pours; and when it pours and you’re an hour’s bus ride from home, it blows.

  1. Ritchie Boyd says:

    Hey K8, I popped over here from your FB page, and I must say the title of this post is a good eye-catcher! Anyway I must have seen yer dad just before he left for Istanbul – he said “Kate says hi” and I said “say hi back” – see if he remembers!
    Got an improv benefit show tonight with Garv and Kassar and Wendy and I’m on the trailing edge of being sick as a dog with a head cold, but I figure if you can sprint between stage and bucket then I can do something appropriately similar! Arf!

    • k8peterson says:

      Yeah, that was one of the greatest theatrical experiences of my life in that I really had to act… like I wasn’t going to throw up in the middle of my half-naked singing. How did yours go? I miss you all!! Thanks for the note, Ritchie. Tell everyone I say hi! Oh, and also, I’ll most likely be home for a bit at Christmastime & I think we should have a Rocky reunion!!

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