Salutation! Please to enjoy blog document in language, the fruitful and stimulating of glorious human adventure!

Now that my summer job is over, I have much more time to spend studying my Alpha-Beta-Gammas, and even delving into my cute little Teach-Yourself-Greek book with the creepy dolls on the cover.

(No idea. Must investigate this upon arrival.)

I’m at the end of chapter 2 as of today, and with lots of spelling errors on the first try, I can write:

Καλημέρα! Με λένε Καιτ. Χαίρω πολύ. Είμαι από την Αμερική, αλλα τώρα μένω στην Θεσσαλωνικί. Εγώ μιλάω αγγλικά, γαλλικά και λίγα ελληνικά.

BAM!! How freakin’ awesome is that?!

Oop. Got a little excited. Here’s what that says.

Kalimera! (Good morning!) Me lene Kate. (My name is Kate.) Hero poli. (How do you do? I’m pleased to meet you.) Ime apo tin Ameriki, alla tora meno stin Thessaloniki. (I am from America, but now I live in Thessaloniki.) Ego milao anglika, gallika ke liga elinikα. (I speak English, French and a little Greek.)

If you’re on the ball today, you caught the several different spellings of the vowel sound “i,” as well as the fact that “v” is “n,” “p” is “r,” “x” is “h,” “u” is one spelling of “i,” and “y” is “g.” YEAH. AWESOME. And did I mention that semi-colons are now question marks? It’s nuts—in college, I studied a little Arabic and a little Japanese, and had an easier time learning those alphabets because at least they don’t have English letters that mean something other than what they mean in English! (Though pronunciation is easier; I once practically threw up in Arabic class trying to pronounce a guttural “q.”) But I have to say, no matter how difficult Greek seems, at least I’m not trying to learn English. I can’t imagine trying to remember all those stupid exceptions/abnormalities. Yikes.

Only about 25 days! Πω, πω! (This delightful expression is pronounced “Po-po!” and means “Wow!” I plan to say it as often as possible upon arrival in Greece.)

On to the next chapter! Γεια σας!


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3 Responses to Salutation! Please to enjoy blog document in language, the fruitful and stimulating of glorious human adventure!

  1. Friend! What a great blog you have here! When you write in Greek, it makes me fall deeper in love with you…which I wasn’t sure was entirely possible. I cannot wait to hear about your adventures, but please don’t forget to provide the translations as you become fluent in your new life. Hugs!

    • k8peterson says:

      Yay!! I love that we BOTH get to go on crazy adventures this year & read each other’s blogs… what fun! I will be sure to translate for you; and I don’t speak Moose OR Caribou, so you’ll have to provide translations for me too. 🙂 Hugs back atcha!!

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