Drachma queen?

Why hello! Good of you to stop by. This is a blog. (A what? A blog! A what? A blog! Oh, a blog!) I’ll be updating it as my adventures & misadventures in Greece unfold! Though I don’t leave til September, the fact that I’m moving across the ocean is constantly present in my brain, and the results of that are worth blogging about.

So! Greece! Why Greece? It’s a long story. I first applied for a Fulbright English Teaching Assistantship to a different Mediterranean country, and when I was selected as an alternate, I was offered a chance to switch my application over to the relatively new Greece program. I did, and now find myself looking at 9 months in Thessaloniki, teaching English at two different schools.

Do I speak Greek? Pshaw! As of right now I speak Food Greek and basic formalities. This means I can now say, “Good evening. I am pleased to have met you. [point to stomach] Spanekopita!”

My knowledge of Food Greek brings me to the reason I wanted to write this post–the second I’m-about-to-move-across-the-ocean dream I’ve had. While I can speak Food Greek fairly fluently, I have yet to learn the word for coffee, which is crucial. Coffee is something we Kates require, regardless of current country, language barriers or any other obstacles. So, in this dream, it was my first morning in Greece, and I got out of bed in search of my customary Morning Cup O’ Joe. (Or four.) I found a little cafe, walked in and said, “Um… Coffee?” The waiter looked at me with a puzzled expression on his face, and conversed with his coworkers before turning back to me and saying, “Coca-Cola?” To this, Dream Kate replied, “No. Cawwww-feeeeeee!” The waiter leaned forward and, using all typical you-don’t-speak-our-language gestures (pointing to the bottle, then to me, etc), said, “Yes! Cohhh-caaaa Cohhhh-laaaaaa!” It was horribly frightening. Let us hope this does not come to pass on my first real morning in Greece.

In the first dream, I had just gotten my flight reimbursement from Fulbright in Euros when they announced on the telly that Greece had switched back to the Drachma. Needless to say, this was equally unsettling.

That’s all for now! Stay tuned for posts about trying to learn Greek and what a nightmare it is to try to get a visa.

Ciao for niao,



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One Response to Drachma queen?

  1. Trudy says:

    Do you know what time it is? It’s ADVENTURE TIME 😀


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